Chinese Herbal Medicine

The use of herbal formulas in healing and staying healthy is an integral part of Chinese Medicine. Herbs can be taken in tablet form, powder form, or in teas and soups as well as poultices and linaments for external use. Many formulas, when used for more acute situations, are used for short periods of time until you feel changes and improvements in your health. At that time, another formula might be more appropriate.

Many herbal formulas can be used as teas and in soups to help us stay healthy as we move through the seasons. The herbs in these formulas are herbs that are often tonifying and balancing as well as helping us adapt to the stress of daily living. Taken throughout the year in soups, herbs can help us stay healthy even when others are falling ill from colds and flu’s.

Herbs used in Oriental Medicine differ from a single herb you might purchase as they are most often used in formulations containing anywhere from three to fifteen individual herbs. When used in formulas, the herbs create a synergy that address the whole person rather than a symptom. They also work together in the body so that we avoid experiencing any side effects from a single herb. In this way, formulations are more effective in guiding our bodies back to a state of well-being.

Fee: $75 per consultation without acupuncture as well as the cost of herbs