Vivation Breathwork

Vivation is a skill that brings breath and focused awareness together for healing on many levels. Vivation works on the feeling level to help you integrate any feeling (comfortable or uncomfortable) into your sense of well-being. Vivation is a powerful process to feel whole, energetic, and ready to live life more fully.

The breathing we use is a circular breath without pauses between inhalations and exhalations. Similar to the breath used in rebirthing, however, in a Vivation session you will learn to use your breath in a variety of ways so you are in control of your experience.

Vivation is a process that benefits anyone, especially those who do their inner work best with few words. In a session, you will learn the breath, learn how to relax in the midst of sensation, and you will learn how to follow and focus on the sensation that calls your attention.

In a Vivation session you will gain valuable insights into yourself and experience deep healing within. You will feel refreshed, renewed, and revitalized after each session.

As your Vivation coach, I will guide you throughout your session. I will also teach you how to do Vivation on your own between coached sessions.

About Me & Vivation: I trained with Jim Leonard, the founder of Vivation. I am also trained in Rebirthing with Sondra Ray and extensive training in Pranayama through my lifetime practice of yoga and meditation. I have taught Vivation to hundreds in workshops and trainings internationally over the last 30 years.