Wellness Coaching

What I offer:

I am a wellness coach trained in Positive Psychology Coaching and Souluna Life Coaching.

I also have over 40 years working with people both individually and in workshops using acupuncture, herbal medicine, breath work, massage, yoga, and meditation.

I do most of my coaching by phone, which means we can work together anywhere. We can also arrange to work in person if you are near and prefer face to face. Currently, I work in Great Barrington, MA.

What I believe:

I believe we all deserve to live the life we imagine in our dreams. I trust that every one of us can live an inspired life with room to expand and grow into our natural gifts. I believe we all have what we need inside of us — we know our own answers to what matters most. As your coach, my role is to hold space, listen, give feedback, and ask questions to guide you to clarity, choices, and a plan to move more fully into your inspired life.

Why Wellness Coaching?

Wellness is all encompassing. When our life is in balance, we’re living the life we love, and are on track in every aspect of life, we experience wellness. Wellness is more than health, career, family, or where we live. Wellness is an experience of ‘yes’.

As your coach, I am your advocate and partner in change as we uncover the wisdom inside you. I believe we all want to live fulfilling, positive, and meaningful lives. Lets face it, life sometimes throws challenges in our path — divorce, health issues, empty nest, marriage, lifestyle changes, etc. I know that when I’ve been in the midst of a challenge, a coach has helped me through to where I want to be.

Consider what is most important to you at this time — a health challenge, career change, an idea that wants to be created, a move you might be considering. I use principles of Positive Psychology, my own extensive life experience and training to make the process fun.

As your coach I can help you clarify your direction, create a plan, and get you on your way.

As Your Personal Coach:

I will guide you through a change process from start to finish. We’ll begin with creating a clear vision of what you want, whether that is your health, your lifestyle, or your career. Then we’ll create a journey map that includes grounded goals, timelines, and action steps.

We’ll also explore how you can identify and use your strengths, experiences, and resources to get you where you want to be. We even might uncover strengths, resources, and help that have been untapped until now. We’ll then consider internal and/or external obstacles standing in the way of your progress.

Lastly, we’ll make it happen with a practical plan you can implement right away. I’ll work with you on anything standing in your way and do whatever it takes for you to achieve your goals and make lasting positive change.

Wellness Coaching With Me Is…

A partnership. I’ll work with you to identify goals, create strategies, and take action toward your dreams. I’ll bring my fierce love, heartfelt humor, compassion, and inspiration. I want you to succeed in living the life you want.

Focused. You are the expert of your life. We work on what is most important to you while I bring expertise on how change works. Together we refine strategies and make a plan that aligns with your values.

Flexible. In the beginning, there may be unforeseen setbacks or even failures. These are learning tools to encourage refining and finding strategies that do work.

Fun. Coaching, like life, is meant to be fun. In our sessions we’ll laugh, be creative, bring insights forward, all while exploring what’s possible and going for it.

Let’s make sure the career, lifestyle, and wellness you really want becomes your new normal. Are you ready?