Forest Bathing

Forest bathing or Shinrin Yoku is a well established health care practice originating in Japan where established parks are available for guided experiences in nature. Forest bathing is a slow, wandering walk and exploration of nature with our senses wide open.

Consciously Mindful Practice

Shinrin Yoku is a consciously mindful practice with the intention of relieving stress, balancing blood pressure, and improving immune system for increased health. It is not exercise. In a forest bathing session you will be guided to slow down and bathe in or fill yourself with the healing properties of the natural world.

Do you remember the experience of breathing in negative ions while near a flowing brook, waterfall, or after a rainstorm? Negative ions lift us and refresh us. In nature there are a multitude of healing elements that benefit our well-being and health.

Your Shinrin Yoku Guide

As your Shinrin Yoku guide, I offer exercises or invitations to lead you into a deep experience of reconnection. A session can last an hour or more while we explore a small space in the forest. The bathing is what happens when our senses are open and receptive to the healing in the natural world.


Group Experience

For families, friends, clubs, scout troops, campers, etc.


Individual Experience

For those who wish to experience the benefits of Forest Bathing with a guide.